Sex Scene Sunday

It has been my pleasure over the last few weeks to join a fabulous group of authors to discuss the sex scenes in our novels and perhaps  a few other titillating topics- it gets hot and steamy at times! I enjoy hanging out with fellow authors who love to write sex scenes as much as I do.

Along the way, I have met  authors who have not only become good friends, but have been supportive, kind and very helpful! It had retired my faith in human beings and I feel blessed  everyday.

Earlier this spring I received a fortune cookie that read

“Don’t give up., you’re almost there”  In writing my trilogy there has been lots of ups and downs. I am still perfecting the language to ensure that you my readers truly know what it is like to be in my heroine’s shoes. I can not wait to share these books with you!

A special thanks to Houston Havens, Anita Cox, Matt Holgate and Suzy Knight for writing novels that make me stay up until all hours reading and  encourage me to be an even better writer!

Yours truly,


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