Writing for the love of it

Another day goes by. I sit at my computer and open up the locked file on my laptop. It’s locked because the work is a steamy contemporary romance that turned out to be closer to erotica than I had originally intended.

It is the first full novel of a trilogy I wrote earlier this year. But being my first book, I did not write with a purpose, I did not think about every word in each sentence. Instead I let the story flow from my head, to my fingers and eventually to the ‘pages’ program on my Mac. Almost six months later this book is on it’s fifth draft as I re-word and reconsider every sentence and detail. My hope is to make it marketable, to make the reader fall in love with my characters in a way that allows them to route for their love, for their growth as people.

Is it a best-seller? Who knows. Will people love the story? Only time will tell. Instead of focusing on these and other worries, I look to the novel and hope that my hard work and determination will pay off. If one person reads it and loves it, I will consider myself successful, even if that person is my sister.

In the mean time, I leave the cleaning, the laundry and sometimes I even avoid making dinner just so I can get a few more pages done. This is my passion, the story is my love. Without a doubt I will continue and work to make my writing and my stories even better as the days go on.



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