Sexy to say the least–menage at it’s best!



A threesome to really sink your teeth into.  I find this cover incredibly sexy. It certainly brings up some tantalizing fantasies, despite or maybe because of the blood.


Finding rare time to take in some online reading, I came across a blog that talked about the characters in the True Blood series. I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels, by Charlaine Harris. It was the first time I’d read about vampires, werewolves and shifters together. I must admit I am not up to date on the most recent novel. But since Sookie Stackhouse and her love of the undead was not my initial reason for posting, I digress. It’s the picture that intrigued me, after all. 

Menage. In my current WIP,  I’m writing about a women who is discovering herself, her own sexual prowess –finding out what turns her on. She walks in on a MFF manage in progress and can not seem to stop watching. Though she’d never been with a women before, the scene and one women in particular excite her. I loved writing that scene, and though it will be a while until I have a chance to review, re-write and edit, I can’t wait to work on it again. If a scene does not turn on the writer, it certainly isn’t good enough to be in the book (I’m just saying that ’cause all of the scenes in my WIP turn me on).

This got me thinking. What kind of menage do people find the sexist? MFF? MFM? MMM? FFF?

So I am putting the question out to you. What type of menage would you like to walk in on and secretly watch? Don’t be shy!

I can’t wait to read you’re answers!



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