Domestic Goddess/ Sexy Erotica Writer…


I am trying hard to keep my sensuality (ok, maybe actually retain my raunchiness) whilst completing what feels like a gazillion domestic chores. Sadly I have to admit that I am doing an abysmal job at it. Something about cooking, cleaning and doing laundry makes me feel a bit well, ordinary. Lord knows that if I could, I would have a full-time housekeeper/cook.   And yes maybe I would have him/her wear a bit of a sexy uniform (perhaps that’s going too far). I digress, what I really mean is how does someone keep their sexy on? We all have jobs, chores, friends and family to keep us busy. So, this blog is dedicated to helping us all keep our sexy on.

You could try to put on a sex outfit before you begin cleaning and have your partner be your ’employer’, or visa versa. Role playing is by no means a new idea. If you have not tried it, role-playing before it’s worth a little giggle, and if you do it right perhaps some sexy times lay ahead. There are so many more things you can do with role playing, use your imagination and do what speaks to you. So give it a try, role playing in general can be fun. Personally I fancy a man in uniform….

Sexy talk can also be a huge turn on, there is nothing sexier than your partner coming up behind you to whisper all kinds of sexy ideas he plans to perform in the bedroom. Try it tonight, this alone can have you running for a hiding spot away from the ‘kid-lets’ to have alone time with your partner.

I know some of you are not into kink, but OMG! Imagine having the house to yourselves and calling your partner up to your bedroom… to find you naked and tied to the bed. WOW! If that does not get his/her juices flowing I am not sure what will.

In all seriousness, what ever you like to do in/or out bed. Take the time to enjoy it. Make a plan to put some kink into your life, and add pizzaz to your sex life. I know, you guys have been together for a long time and heck, you like it how you like it. But STOP and change it up. Nothing more boring that doing the same old routine over and over again. Your relationship will evolve and so should your sex life.  Go to the local sex shop with your partner and find something fun to try…there is a whole now world to discover!

Truly I hope this blog has inspired you to put some pizzaz into your sex life. I’d love to see some comments. Tell me what have you done to spice up your love life or make you feel sexy?

Yours Truly,

Brooke Lynn

Agent Provocateur Bring New Meaning to ‘Domestic Goddess’ for Spring 2014_1

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