Boost your Wellbeing (and sex life) with Cuddles

During the cooler weather many of us spend more time at home, cuddled under a warm blanket or in front of the fire place with a movie or a great book. The calm restful feeling of winter hibernation can be sublime. I personally love spending a whole day doing this in my pyjamas. But when we add our partner to the equation is becomes not only relationship boosting, but heath-full as well, here’s why.

When you cuddle with your loved one it releases oxytocin, a pleasure chemical in your brain. This chemical reaction makes you feel good as well as making you feel more connected to your partner. The more you do this the better…right?


The burst in oxytocin caused by cuddling also helps boost the immune system. And there’s more, oxytocin is also linked to alleviating pain, reducing stress levels and helping a person feel more able to focus on their relationship. The best part about cuddling is that it often leads to more 🙂

“But Brooke-I am single right now”

No worries, there is no rule that says to get all of the amazing affects of oxytocin through cuddles it has to be with a partner. A hug from a friend, cuddling a pet or family member and even giving yourself a massage or taking a warm bath can all boost your oxytocin levels and help reduce your stress and build your immune system.

So go out there and grab a cuddle with someone you love!


Sending you warm cyber cuddles,

Brooke Lynn

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