Summer Reads Part Two

Redesign_9780425260937_HypnotistsLo_cover.inddFull of excitement for Liane Moriarty I picked up The Hypnotist’s Love story with the hope of matching the thrill I found when reading The Husband’s Secret.

Ellen (a hypnotist) and Patrick (a surveyor and single father) find each other through internet dating. At first everything is going rather well. Patrick turns out to be lovely and kind. For once Ellen begins to have hope that Patrick might just be the one. Until one night over supper Patrick says they need to have a chat. Worried that this is the chat that will end their relationship Ellen finds herself quite relieved and more than a little intrigued to find that in fact Patrick does not want to break it off, it’s just that he has an ex-girlfriend/stalker that has been following him for years.

Rather than become frightened at the idea of an ex-girlfriend stalking her boyfriend, Ellen is fascinated and begins to empathize with the feelings of Saskia who goes to extreme measures to remain connected to Patrick’s life in some way.

True to Liane Moriarty’s form The Hypnotists Love Story is full of quick-witted and extraordinary inner dialogue which allows the reader to delve into the minds of the main characters. While I enjoyed The Hypnotist’s Love Story, the flow of the story dragged a tad for me and it took me a while longer than I anticipated to fully by it to the plot line. Still, I would recommend the book whole heartedly.





Stolen is the second novel in the Other World Series. A follow-up to Bitten, Kelley Armstrong (a New York Times Best Seller) takes her main character Elena into a world of vampires, witches, sorcerers and half demons.

Taking her safety for granted Elena becomes captured by a group of extremists who seek to exploit the powers that those in the other world possess. Subjected to cruel testing and put into terrifying circumstances, Elena is forced to save the one person she hoped would be the one to help her escape. After she saves the life of one of her enemies, the extremists disregard Elena’s warnings. Which results in the death of many of her enemies. However in the chaos that ensues Elena is able to take advantage of the opportunity.

There are several reasons why the Other World Series should be on your must read list. Kelley Armstrong takes us into the journey of the lives of werewolves in a new and refreshing way. Gone are the male dominated hero stories. Instead time after time Elena proves her strength, intelligence and valour. We are treated to a quick pace and exciting plot line that holds our attention to the very end. I also love that Kelley Armstrong is a fellow Canadian. Bitten and Stolen have been made into a television series which you can catch on SYFY or SPACE. I have to admit that after reading both books I binge watched the series. I am currently loving season 2.

If you truly enjoy dark and dangerous supernatural stories The Other World series is for you. I’ve loved the first two novels and plan on reading more.





Rosanna Leo is one of my favourite romance/erotica writers. She crosses the line from paranormal romance and contemporary romance with ease. I am proud to admit there is not a Rosanna Leo novel that I haven’t read. In her latest novel Vice, Rosanna explores the world of gambling, and the effects that obsessive addictive gambling has on families.

Kate is a Vegas singer who moonlights as a volunteer helping families of people who are addicted to gambling. After hearing more and more about Liam Doyle, an upcoming owner/operator from her clients, Kate decides to take matters in her own hands. Determined to make sure Liam knows his new casinos are ruining families and lives she protests at Liam’s new casino. Little does she know that he actions will change not only her life, but the lives of others in a way she would never imagine.

One of the things I love most about Rosanna’s heroines is that they are rarely perfect. In this case Kate suffers from a disease that can be crippling at times. In a world where romance authors paint unattainable pictures of their characters Rosanna breaks the mould and adds realism. This makes it easier for the reader to relate to the heroines in the novel, to feel as though one day we too could be wrapped in the arms of a billionaire that also happens to own several casino’s and has the stamina of a bull 🙂

Vice is a perfect read for the beach or during your evening bubble bath with a tall glass of wine. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of Vice, click on the links below for your pre-order.





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