Back from Hiatus–Don’t ask what I was doing ’cause I won’t tell.


It’s been a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but best kept secrets (and all that). Never-the-less taking the time off was worth it. I feel like a whole new me (quite literally).

To start with I’ve had an epiphany. I love writing smut. Good God do I ever. But I have also found a deep dark and mysterious side of me that loves to write guts, gore and blood. Lots of blood.

I wrote a few short stories and then began a twisted little novel about twins. It’s down right diabolical and entirely too much fun to write.

I continue to work on my smutty stories. Currently my first novel with a working title “Discovery” is in re-writes and edits. It’s slated for Beta Readers in the fall. I’ve found a couple of agents that I will query the book to late 2016, damn that feels great to say out-loud. So cross my fingers and say a little prayer that it will be up and running with an agent and in paperback soonish.


That’s all she wrote folks! Thanks to those who stayed with the BLOG and resisted the urge to ‘unfollow’. Welcome to those who found me because of my new dark and horrific side. Whether you stay for the smut or the horror, I’ll love you all the same.

With Love,





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