Healing by Nature

Many of you who know me, will know that I spend copious amounts of time outside during the summer months.

This past week I spent five glorious days in the wonderful wilderness.

Everyday I took a walk amongst the trees, luxuriated in the scent of nature and feasted on the sights and sounds my home away from home provided. I was lucky enough to be close to a lovely lake that was clear and just the right temperature to help cool me down after a day in the sun. The perfect break from the everyday. IMG_5826

When I am not lucky enough to be camping, you will find me in the provincial park close to my home. Catching some clean air under the trees and listening to the wind tussle the leaves.

I do this for several reasons. As a writer I can sit at my desk for far too many hours not moving anything but my fingers on the key board, I find I need a good walk to get my blood moving and mind clear. I’ve also read some articles that describe walks in the outdoors, specifically under a canopy of trees as a way to boost your mental health and well-being. But most of all, I go out and enjoy nature because it makes me very happy to do so.

IMG_5758I walk almost every day, in the shade of forest for at least an hour, sometimes more. And I can attest to the fact that it helps clear my mind, puts life in perspective and gives me the energy to better handle the stress of my everyday. Google this shit out of this, because it’s true. A whole new form of psychology is emerging called Eco-Psychology! Yep folks, it’s true. Doctors are actually prescribing walks amongst trees as a form of treatment.

So I’ll save you the cash and suggest go out and get a walk in under the trees and see how much better you feel. Not a cure-all, but definitely worth an hour of your time.

Yours in well-being,






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