It occurred to me, as I sit here waiting, that we do a lot of that in our life.  We wait and wait.

When I was twelve I couldn’t wait to be sixteen. In my pre-pubescent mind if I were sixteen I might be treated differently, maybe adults would take me seriously and they’d stop treating me like a child. I could get my licence and really take charge of my life. 

When I was a senior in high school I couldn’t wait to be done. I truely belived I had outgrown high school and I was ready for the new challenge of post secondary. 

And the list of waiting for big life accomplishments could go on!

As for little insignificant waiting well…

I waited for my doctor, who always overbooked and made each patient wait over an hour.

Buses, street cars, subways and rides shared with friends. Much of my waiting in my teens and twenties was in transit. 

We wait and wait. I’m wondering though- if we take the time to observe humanity while we wait or make connections with new people. Maybe that makes all the waiting worth while.

As for the big life events we wait for- now that I’m forty- I wait for nothing (sort of). I’m living in the moment. Enjoying every second that I can. And if I have to wait…well I keep myself busy. Challenging myself to enjoy every minute of the time. And make use of it wisely!

Wait… One more thing! Don’t wait for love to find you- go find love (in all its forms) yourself!



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