Exhibitionist or Not?

Recently I was hiking down my favourite trail and decided to venture into an area near the creek that is more secluded. Its the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of nature, contemplate life or simply skip rocks. It’s also the perfect place to have sex. And on that particular day that’s exactly what I walked in on. Luckily there was enough warning for the couple (who I am certain were in doggy style position), to fix their attire and scoot off in the opposite direction.

img_2288I have to say I was impressed (and maybe a little envious), mid-afternoon sex in a secluded tree shaded area with a beautiful stream behind you seemed far more exciting than what I had planned. However, my friend (who was hiking with me at the time) disagreed. There would be no way she would ever consider the trail a romantic place to have sex, and I am positive she isn’t the only one who feels this way.

First and foremost it is technically illegal to have sex in a public place. It is entirely possible to get arrested. So if exhibitionism is something that might interest you, care must be taken to ensure that you do not find yourself discovered. I’m reminded of the recent Vacation movie with Christina Applegate and Ed Helm. Their characters decide to have sex on the state line, what ensues is hilarious.

If you’re a person with high anxiety, worried about a having a legal record or just someone who can’t imagine sex anywhere that doesn’t have six hundred count sheets (like my poor inhibited friend) Exhibitionism is definitely not for you!

However having sex outdoors/ in public with the possibility of getting caught can be considered by some to be exhilarating and endorphin producing. Which can enhance the sensation of your orgasm. There are ways you can give it a try without being overt about it too. img_3083

  1. Caress your partner (over clothes) under the table at a restaurant
  2. Leave your bedroom windows open while having sex and try to be as quiet as possible
  3. Slide your hand down your partners pants during a movie in the theatre, try to bring them as close to orgasm as possible without anyone noticing
  4. Use a mirror (placed in a very opportune position) to watch while you have sex
  5. Have sex on the kitchen counter in daylight

If the above sex acts excite you, but you can’t help but want more. Here are what are arguably the the top ten places to have sex in public;

  1. Secluded beach
  2. Deserted stairwell
  3. Elevator
  4. Park bench/picnic table
  5. Hiking trail
  6. Against the full length window of a hotel room
  7. In your car in a parking lot
  8. Private washroom
  9. A mall change room
  10. A pool

Its important to note that the intent in all of this is not to get caught. If you purposefully engage in sex knowing you will be found,  that is just plain indecent exposure. Don’t be that person.




6 thoughts on “Exhibitionist or Not?

  1. Never done 3 or 4 and don’t have any plan to, but I’m down on the other 8, lol. Anyhow…I’m glad you ended on the note you did. Thats just flat out disrespectful to all parties involved.

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