Stollen Moment-Flash Fiction

The night was cool as they stepped out of the building after the meeting. Sam was in front of her making his way to his car, Lynn sped up, hoping to catch him. Was it terrible that all she wanted was the feel the endorphins just being near him created? Maybe, but who cared.

Did he purposefully park in front of her? She hopped so. Caught up now, she opened her car door, not really intending to get in, and said, “Hey, it’s going to be great working together again.”

“Yeah, it’ll be good that you’re helping out.” He replied, stepping away from his car .

It worked. They began to talk. He moved closer. She stepped away from the open door. And as the conversation began to flow. They began to laugh and joke. When he realized he would be there for a while, he lit up a smoke. Did he know the effect it had on her when he smiled, when his eyes lit up when he laughed? She hoped he did. There had always been something, between them, underlining their friendship, underlining the camaraderie.

Quite unexpectedly she found herself saying, “It’s sexy, this new look you’re sporting, with the longer hair, and two days growth” She fell quiet. That hadn’t been meant to be said aloud.

There was a palpable silence between them. It worried her. The last thing she wanted was to wreck the friendship they had. He took the last drag of his cigarette, flicked it away and stepped even closer.

“You think so?” he said and advanced again.

“I do” In fact she was surprised the ladies weren’t falling at his feet.

Now there was but a foot between them, she could smell the earthiness of the cigarette. And began to study his lips wondering if they would taste as she had imagined them. The air was still. The night was silent.

“How sexy?” he asked, a wicked little grin spread across his lips.

“Very” she replied.

In the moment their lips met, there was a tentativeness to it.

He took her shoulders and led her backwards until her back was against the car. It was then his hands moved down and cupped her ass and then slowly made their way up her curves. In response her body quivered and pulsed. Urgency built within and she took more greedily, letting her own hands roam at will.

It was sublime, how his hips pressed against her, his obvious attraction, arousal and need chased away any doubt she had in her mind.

She felt his phone go off in his pocket.
He stepped away. Took his phone from his pocket and unlocked it. Reading the text he’d just received. The look on his face said it all. She needed no more explanation. They both had responsibilities, and reasons why what they’d just done should never have happened.

“You gotta go” she said, before he had a chance to apologize.

“Sorry” He said, putting his hands in his pocket. “This was…”, they kissed again, “Very nice,” another quick kiss. “until next time.” He said.

She watched him get in the car and drive away. “Until next time.” She whispered to herself.


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