Brookelynn Berry

Brooke Lynn Berry

Brookelynn Berry walks a fine line between writing ‘happily ever after’ and diving into the depths of horror and noir, and the two often come together in weird and wonderful ways.

 Brookelynn spends most of her time in front of her Mac ensconced in the world she has created and falling in love with her heroes — or scaring the bejesus out of herself —  often at the expense of her family and friends as she tries to get every aspect of her characters and plot line ‘just right’. A self-confessed chocoholic and book addict, Brookelynn spends almost as much time curled up on her favourite couch reading as she does writing. 

Current projects include gore-spattered horror/ thriller pieces (now up on Twisted Sister lit mag, Shot Gun Honey, and other vast corners of the world wide web) as well as a trilogy full of emotionally flawed characters who strive to do what’s right by themselves and the people they love.

In the mean time Brookelynn loves to write sensual scenes and sexy advice which she posts regularly on this blog, come back often for laughs, love — or a damned good scare. Either way, she won’t judge.





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