Silence- Flash Fiction


Missy sat each of her hands cuffed to the cold wooden arms of the chair, and a wide strand of duct tape placed over her mouth. Just to make a point she twisted and turned her wrists to cause as much ruckus and noise as possible.

“Silence!” her so-called hero spoke through his gritted teeth. “If you weren’t so bloody noisy I wouldn’t have to tie you up in the first place!”

Sergeant Johnathan Burns stood eerily still and peered out the window which was covered in horrid gingham curtains. His strong frame braced for action, ears perked as he listened.

“No one is out there,” Missy mumbled through the tape.

Sgt Burns turned, scowled and hissed, “You don’t know that. It’s my job to keep you safe until the trial.”

It was enough to keep her still, but not enough to keep her anger from boiling. There was no need to cuff her to the chair and put stinking tape over her mouth. Simple manners would have been sufficient.

Burns made his way around the cottage, scanning the grounds around the cottage through the windows and checking each door lock. His gun was drawn. It concerned her.

After some time, and considerable silence, the noticeable stress left Burns broad shoulders. Eventually he holstered his gun and walked towards her.

“Sorry about that, but it’s not my fault that you couldn’t keep quiet” Burns took a key chain from the pocket of his worn out jeans and unlocked each of the handcuffs. She stood, feeling the vulnerability of the situation, which caused her temper to flare.

“I’m going to take off the tape now, it might sting a little” With a flick of his fingers, the edge of the tape came loose, and one quick pull took off the first layer of Missy’s skin.

“Owww you son of a bitch!” Missy cried out, slapping Burns right across the face leaving a red mark on his cheek.

“That’s for handcuffing me to the bloody chair, and taking off my skin with that damn tape!” She yelled. Even madder because he hadn’t even flinched.

“Listen L-i-t-t-l-e M-i-s-s-y, I don’t care if I have to tie you up everyday but Sunday. As long as I do my part in keeping you safe and ready to testify at that trial.” He stood, taunting her to try something more.

Oh he made ever bit of her blood boil. Missy curled up her fists. “We are in the middle the of mosquito infested wilderness with absolutely nothing and no one for more than two hundred miles.”

“You don’t know that” He countered, “Someone could very well leak the safe house location. So I will do what I have to do to maintain a safe environment, ?”

Missy stepped closer and growled, “I will not be handled.”

Burns stepped in as well, “Yes, you will.”

In an instant her hand went up again, but Burns was ready this time, catching her wrist mid-swing. Frozen in that pose Missy searched his eyes. He glared back, nostrils flared. Anger flashed across his vibrant blue eyes, a flicker of indecision and then a brief glimmer of heat followed by lust. Jesus, she wondered if anyone had ever told him how expressive his eyes were. He’d be an awful poker player.

They were mere inches apart.

How long had her chest been heaving? She wondered. 

Missy stepped into him, tilted her chin up. The heat from his breath warmed the air between them. His scent was a mixture of fresh soap, the outdoors, and the cleaner he’d used early as he polished his gun. It was unsettling.

Burns extinguished the space between them, leaned in and kissed her with utter abandon. Slowly he let go of her wrist, she took the opportunity to rake her hand through his soft hair. His hands began roam all over her body and she wondered whether they would even make to the bedroom.

Abruptly Burns stepped away. “We can’t do this, I’m putting you in danger,” his eyes displayed considerable worry.

Deflated and unsteady on her feet she couldn’t decide if Burns was more infuriating or intoxicating.

“I know you believe that, but no one is going to come looking for me. I am just an office administrator for an accountant, testifying in tax evasion. It’s not like I worked for the mob.” She smiled. Sure he understood. But Burns eyes spoke of a different reality.

“The mob?” she asked. She didn’t need him to answer, the look on his face said it all.

“Shit,” Missy sat down in the chair. “If I’d known that I would never have agreed to any of this. I am literally a walking and talking target,” the gravity of the situation was daunting.

“I’m going to do a perimeter walk, please go up to the loft and bring up the ladder” He placed his hand on hers, “I thought you knew. I’m sorry.”

She did what she was told, there was nothing more to do. After taking up the ladder, and laying it down on the floor of the loft Missy looked at the books on the little shelf beside the bed. Nothing appealed to her, but she took one out anyway. Leafing through the pages, she listened quietly, but heard nothing.

Sometime later, Missy awoke, she must have dosed out while she waited for Burns and half read the book. She sat up, scooted to the edge of the bed. Listening, she could tell Burns was not back from the perimeter check. How long had she been asleep? The clock on the night stand now flashed, had it been doing that before she wondered.

She placed the ladder back and went down the steps carefully. If only they’d hidden her in a five-star hotel or resort, she wouldn’t have to go outside to an outhouse to pee. Without a second thought she opened the front door of the cottage and walked the fifty yards to the outhouse, when she opened the door though, she screamed, stumbled over her feet and fell back.

There sat Burns, slumped over with a single gun shot in the middle of his forehead.

“Finally, she emerges from her hide-away.” A tall man she had never seen before stepped out from behind the small wooden structure, dressed in city finery, a leather jacket, fancy jeans and pointed loafers. In his hand is a large gun, suited with a silencer.

“I had no idea who the case was against, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t testify…” Missy stuttered.

“You’re right about that Little Missy, you won’t be testifying this time” Leather coat man raised the gun. Missy registered the funny sound a gun makes with a silencer attached, and then she saw only darkness. 

The End 


Exhibitionist or Not?

Recently I was hiking down my favourite trail and decided to venture into an area near the creek that is more secluded. Its the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of nature, contemplate life or simply skip rocks. It’s also the perfect place to have sex. And on that particular day that’s exactly what I walked in on. Luckily there was enough warning for the couple (who I am certain were in doggy style position), to fix their attire and scoot off in the opposite direction.

img_2288I have to say I was impressed (and maybe a little envious), mid-afternoon sex in a secluded tree shaded area with a beautiful stream behind you seemed far more exciting than what I had planned. However, my friend (who was hiking with me at the time) disagreed. There would be no way she would ever consider the trail a romantic place to have sex, and I am positive she isn’t the only one who feels this way.

First and foremost it is technically illegal to have sex in a public place. It is entirely possible to get arrested. So if exhibitionism is something that might interest you, care must be taken to ensure that you do not find yourself discovered. I’m reminded of the recent Vacation movie with Christina Applegate and Ed Helm. Their characters decide to have sex on the state line, what ensues is hilarious.

If you’re a person with high anxiety, worried about a having a legal record or just someone who can’t imagine sex anywhere that doesn’t have six hundred count sheets (like my poor inhibited friend) Exhibitionism is definitely not for you!

However having sex outdoors/ in public with the possibility of getting caught can be considered by some to be exhilarating and endorphin producing. Which can enhance the sensation of your orgasm. There are ways you can give it a try without being overt about it too. img_3083

  1. Caress your partner (over clothes) under the table at a restaurant
  2. Leave your bedroom windows open while having sex and try to be as quiet as possible
  3. Slide your hand down your partners pants during a movie in the theatre, try to bring them as close to orgasm as possible without anyone noticing
  4. Use a mirror (placed in a very opportune position) to watch while you have sex
  5. Have sex on the kitchen counter in daylight

If the above sex acts excite you, but you can’t help but want more. Here are what are arguably the the top ten places to have sex in public;

  1. Secluded beach
  2. Deserted stairwell
  3. Elevator
  4. Park bench/picnic table
  5. Hiking trail
  6. Against the full length window of a hotel room
  7. In your car in a parking lot
  8. Private washroom
  9. A mall change room
  10. A pool

Its important to note that the intent in all of this is not to get caught. If you purposefully engage in sex knowing you will be found,  that is just plain indecent exposure. Don’t be that person.




It occurred to me, as I sit here waiting, that we do a lot of that in our life.  We wait and wait.

When I was twelve I couldn’t wait to be sixteen. In my pre-pubescent mind if I were sixteen I might be treated differently, maybe adults would take me seriously and they’d stop treating me like a child. I could get my licence and really take charge of my life. 

When I was a senior in high school I couldn’t wait to be done. I truely belived I had outgrown high school and I was ready for the new challenge of post secondary. 

And the list of waiting for big life accomplishments could go on!

As for little insignificant waiting well…

I waited for my doctor, who always overbooked and made each patient wait over an hour.

Buses, street cars, subways and rides shared with friends. Much of my waiting in my teens and twenties was in transit. 

We wait and wait. I’m wondering though- if we take the time to observe humanity while we wait or make connections with new people. Maybe that makes all the waiting worth while.

As for the big life events we wait for- now that I’m forty- I wait for nothing (sort of). I’m living in the moment. Enjoying every second that I can. And if I have to wait…well I keep myself busy. Challenging myself to enjoy every minute of the time. And make use of it wisely!

Wait… One more thing! Don’t wait for love to find you- go find love (in all its forms) yourself!



Shattered- Flash Fiction.

Shattered-Flash Fiction

Shuffling into the kitchen with her house coat and slippers still on, Bethany filled and turned on the kettle. She stood mindlessly rubbing her eyes sleepily until she felt awake enough to gather their mugs, a couple of tea bags and some milk.

Once the kettle had boiled she began her tea making ritual. Dropping the tea bag in first, she poured the boiling water over, added some milk and stirred the mixture together. Then squeezed the bag against the side of each mug leaching out all of the heavenly caffeinated liquid she could before dumping the tea bag in the compost and dropping the spoon with a clatter in the sink.

By-passing the use of the proper teapot was most certainly causing her grandmother to stir in her grave, but then, Bethany always did consider herself a rebel.

She’d been staring down at her cold tea when the clambering sounds of her husband coming down the stairs made her look up. In his hand he carried two large suitcases.

“I guess I shouldn’t I expect you for dinner?” She asked, noting that her voice still sounded groggy and tried. “I didn’t know you had a business trip, where to?” She asked, taking a sip of her cold tea.

“I’m leaving.” He replied.

“Well, of course you are.” She chuckled at her own wit.

“No, Bethany, I’m leaving you.” He corrected. “And our marriage, and this home.”

“Oh…” She was dumbfounded.

Bethany recalled the night before, their romantic dinner, the love-making. They’d been fighting and off for far too long, sure. But…this? She’d thought it had been re-conciliatory sex. Now she saw it for what it really was, consolation or goodbye sex.

She took a sip of the reached and bitter tea, still processing this new bit of information.

Her husband stared at her for a time.

“It’s Sheila, isn’t it?” She asked. This new secretary he hired always wore sexy high-heeled boots and skin-tight pencil skirts. She dressed like a tart.

“Sheila? Good God no,” he paused, “let’s not do this okay? It won’t change anything.”

“No, we’re doing this. Right now. Right here. I need to know.” Her anger struck out like a venomous snake.

She waited.

His silence tasted bitter.

“For fuck’s sake, who is it Thomas?” She stood up from the table and began spewing out names of every possible women they knew. It was horrific behaviour and utterly cliché, but she couldn’t help it.

“Stop it, just stop it,” he cried out in defence. “It’s Johnathan, Okay? It’s Johnathan”

It was Johnathan. Figures. There was no way she could compete with a man. Bethany’s legs were wobbly, she had to sit down.

“I’m so sorry. I truly am.” There was a sadness in his eyes. “I never really meant for this to happen” He stepped forward, thought better of it and turned away.

Bethany silently watched her husband open the door, suitcases in hand and leave, closing the door behind him. There wasn’t anything else to say.

She picked up his mug from the table hurled it across the room, it hit the floor and shattered into tiny pieces, just as she had shattered into pieces.

There were no tears. And no anger. Just a silent void, that Bethany knew would remain for a while. After a time, she collected a towel, broom and dust pan and swept the tiny pieces of the broken cup.

Cleaning the floor after her angry outburst, Bethany realized something she hadn’t thought about before. She was a coffee person after all.

The End

Hey there lovely people in the big wide world of the web. Can you please comment and let me know if you like this one? I am unsure of the ending. This particular story has been sitting in a dusty folder on my Mac for a while. Much appreciated! 




Escape- Flash Fiction

“Let’s give the children away,” Jenny suggested.

“We can’t, no one would take them, they’re little shits,” he replied with a grin, taking the last drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out in the ash tray beside the bed. Naked and sweaty he got up and headed for the shower.

“They are not little shits!” She cried out with laughter and picked the pillow up tossing it at his ass as he walked away.

“Maybe not, but the fact remains there is no one to pawn the little devils off to.” The door to the washroom closed and she flopped back down on the bed. Was it too much to ask for a weekend away, for a bit of silence? She’d never imagined peace and quiet was such a precious commodity.

“Damn, he’s right,” she said to the empty room.

The sound of the crackling monitor beside her on the night stand reminded her that she was never truly alone. Despite her own wish to stay in bed all afternoon, she got up and dressed. The baby would be waking from his afternoon nap soon anyway and their two eldest boys were at school for a couple more hours. Thank god.

“I tell you what,” her husband opened the bathroom door and stepped into the room in mid-sentence. The towel was wrapped around his waist so low, she wished she hadn’t taken the time to get dressed. She might’ve persuaded him to stay home a bit longer. “I’ll book a weekend away if you look into a babysitter or something,” he continued. “Someone to come to the house.”

“Really?” She hopped into his arms and smacked a huge kiss on his lips.

“Absolutely,” he pried her arms off his shoulders and grabbed his uniform. “Anyway, you have the hard part. You’re the one that has to find someone experienced enough to deal with our three little devils.”

“I’m up for the task. I just need to know when.” She began to help her husband with the buttons on his shirt.

“How about in three weeks?” he suggested “And as an added bonus if we didn’t manage to secure a bun in your oven this go around, we can try again when we’re away.”

“That could work,” She resisted looking her husband directly, mentally counting the days of her cycle. “You sure do clean up nice,” she commented. Finishing with the shirt—she flattened her hand against his chest and ran it down the shirt, going lower and lower.

“Don’t tempt me to start things up again.” He caught her hand before it got too far. “I have to be in court this afternoon.” He grabbed his utility belt from the chair and wrapped it around his waist.

“I just wish you didn’t have to go into work. When you’re on afternoons time seems to go by so quickly.”

“I know, I don’t want to leave you either.” he replied.

But, with a swift kiss he was off and Jenny was left in their bedroom wondering just how she would manage the three little monsters she already had, let alone another one.

As she walked down the stairs to the kitchen she picked up a doll with the eyes gouged out. Gawd they really were shits. No eyes! Really? She walked into the kitchen and tossed the doll in the trash.

Jenny turned on the kettle to make herself a cup of tea, sat down at the table in front of her lap top and opened it. She searched for the babysitters website and began filling out the form for help wanted.

She typed, Experienced Babysitter that Can Handle Three Little Devils Wanted in the title line. Erased it. Tried again.

Desperate Mom, needs a get away. HELP! Jenny hit the delete key continuously again until the subject field was clear.

She tried one more time. Spend the best weekend ever with three fun and energetic boys! Top dollar paid. That should do it, Jenny thought. She finished the ad feeling hopeful.

The kettle finished boiling, so Jenny got up and finished making her tea. When she was done, she checked her inbox on the babysitters wanted website. Sure enough two very capable looking ladies had replied. Jenny felt a little giddy.

Two possible babysitters—that was good—because there was no way they would come back after a night with all three of her boys.

Just then the phone rang. Jenny looked at the phones call display. Damn, it was the school again. She left the call go to the machine and finished her tea.

The EndIMG_2289

Healing by Nature

Many of you who know me, will know that I spend copious amounts of time outside during the summer months.

This past week I spent five glorious days in the wonderful wilderness.

Everyday I took a walk amongst the trees, luxuriated in the scent of nature and feasted on the sights and sounds my home away from home provided. I was lucky enough to be close to a lovely lake that was clear and just the right temperature to help cool me down after a day in the sun. The perfect break from the everyday. IMG_5826

When I am not lucky enough to be camping, you will find me in the provincial park close to my home. Catching some clean air under the trees and listening to the wind tussle the leaves.

I do this for several reasons. As a writer I can sit at my desk for far too many hours not moving anything but my fingers on the key board, I find I need a good walk to get my blood moving and mind clear. I’ve also read some articles that describe walks in the outdoors, specifically under a canopy of trees as a way to boost your mental health and well-being. But most of all, I go out and enjoy nature because it makes me very happy to do so.

IMG_5758I walk almost every day, in the shade of forest for at least an hour, sometimes more. And I can attest to the fact that it helps clear my mind, puts life in perspective and gives me the energy to better handle the stress of my everyday. Google this shit out of this, because it’s true. A whole new form of psychology is emerging called Eco-Psychology! Yep folks, it’s true. Doctors are actually prescribing walks amongst trees as a form of treatment.

So I’ll save you the cash and suggest go out and get a walk in under the trees and see how much better you feel. Not a cure-all, but definitely worth an hour of your time.

Yours in well-being,